Defending Life

Chris will advocate for the dignity and protection of all human life. Not just for the unborn, but our elderly and disabled, victims of opioid abuse, those who fall between the cracks of the system, and all other vulnerable folks in our state.

Protecting Individual Rights

Chris will defend the Second Amendment and all other liberties enshrined in the Bill of Rights. He understands the importance of limited government and protecting our rights as Americans today and for future generations.

Fueling Our Economy

Chris will work with the President and anyone who wants to keep the economy growing. Our growth in Utah should be a model for the rest of the country. When the government remains limited, and out of the way, our businesses will grow and create more good-paying jobs for Utahns.

Restoring Faith in Government

As a member of the military, Chris has taken an oath to protect our US Constitution. He takes this oath very seriously and believes in honoring his commitments to voters and restoring faith in our elected leaders.

Help send a true conservative outsider to Washington to fix the problems created by the political insiders.

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